At BOLDCOM, our clients include leaders and entrepreneurs who need support to grow their businesses and access alignment with their highest future potential.





At BOLDCOM, our clients include leaders and entrepreneurs who need support to grow their businesses and access alignment with their highest future potential.



We work across geographic boundaries with clients all over the world.





A selection of testimonials


A selection of testimonials

Zoaib Hoosen |

Managing Director, Microsoft South Africa

At the best of times I have multiple priorities that I am juggling.  In this fast moving, transformative time that we are experiencing in business and life, the pressures are profound. Simon showed me the importance of creating space to think in our busy lives.  Quality thinking is enhanced by having a quality listening partner  … this partnership of thinking together generates outcomes that enhance clarity and improves execution.  I found Simon to be an excellent listener and thinking partner and together we generated valuable learnings and insights from our sessions.

Celine Bremaud |

VP SMS&P EMEA, Microsoft

BOLDCOM’s impact on my own development journey has been terrific. I was given the time and space to introspect, to articulate what really matters, to be myself, supported by very deep, productive and also positive conversations.

Steven Stokmans |

COO Microsoft Belux

Simon understands the art of asking the right question in any situation. He has an amazing ability to let people come up with their own answers to any kind of personal or professional mental challenge. Driven by a deep interpersonal awareness and empathy, he creates context, vision and definitely lots of energy. I have always been looking forward to our conversations, where his time to impact is about 30'. Highly recommended, great coach! 

Sean Cardinal

MD Ackermans

It would not be an exaggeration to say that working with Simon changed my perspective on life and led to me discovering what was really driving me both in my career and as an individual. He has exceptional listening skills and an uncanny ability to allow the coaching journey to take a flexible course yet always end up with a practical and clear outcome. He challenged me on many fronts and was not afraid to give or take direct feedback. When I looked back at the objectives I had set at the beginning of the process I found that each one had been dealt with and in fact a number of new focus areas had emerged.

Nick Battersby | 

CEO PPS Investments

I was contemplating a transformation and expansion of my executive team and approached BOLDCOM to discuss how to guide the team through that process. I can honestly say that the solution of 12 monthly facilitated sessions has seen that team grow in terms of the efficiency of the team, the maturity of the individuals and the collective as well as the honesty and frankness of dialogue that we are now able to share. The challenge of a team that is diverse in terms of age, gender and race as well as tenure was skillfully handled; and in fact many of the techniques that were used with us have now formed a part of our regular discourse. My sense is that this will be a lasting benefit.

Jason Kombo | 

Founder & MD, Avior Trans Africa

My coaching sessions with Simon Bold were incredibly rewarding. In the beginning I was very skeptical about the whole ‘coaching’ experience ... I must say, I was proved wrong. And overall, I believe that my sessions were invaluable to me professionally and personally.

Shaun Bryans | 

Managing Partner, Cranemere South Africa

Highly recommended for facilitating strategy sessions, executive conversations - particularly difficult ones - and coaching. Results oriented and great to work with. An invaluable resource for our business. 

Michel Diab | 

MBS Partner Director, Microsoft MEA HQ  

Simon's positive energy, genuine personality and strong cultural diversity and adaptation skills gave him strong assets to work in complex and multicultural environments.  Simon was a great coach with deep and detailed knowledge of several frameworks and techniques and with a great deal of expertise in developing Leadership skills. I had the privilege to count Simon as a coach where his experience and several years in Executive coaching made him a very credible and reliable contributor to my personal and professional success and development as a leader.

Mansoor Salee |

Partner, Mazars

I really enjoyed interacting with Simon who I found very comfortable to talk to.  I never felt as though I was being coached. I also found my interactions with him to be deeply insightful, which had a profound effect in assisting me deconstruct what I thought was complex conundrums on a range of challenges, and finding fairly simplistic solutions.  I consider myself privileged to have been coached by Simon, the philosophies of which I have adopted from this experience I continue to employ on a regular basis. 

Debbie Goodman-Bhyat |

CEO Jack Hammer

Simon Bold has supported me through several transitions in my role as CEO of Jack Hammer (an executive search firm). I initially selected to partner with Simon because of his open style and flexibility to work with relatively broad parameters. What transpired were, in fact, some excellent outcomes –notably, a well-planned role transition. One of the most elusive things for most entrepreneurs –and founder-managers in particular –is the inability to extricate oneself from one’s business. I had, in fact, found this to be a tremendous challenge and had been unable to implement the transition I wanted –until I engaged in the coaching process with Simon.   This was achieved through Simon’s very skilful coaching. Overall, an outstanding experience! 

Jan Newman |

Co-Founder and MD Newman Lowther & Associates / Nomura South Africa

Simon has been working closely with Newman Lowther & Associates for 10 years and we have experienced invaluable benefits from his coaching and guidance.  As Founders of NLA, Simon has assisted my partner Ben and I in growing our brand as well as our management skills and development of our teams across both our client and employee platforms.  We value his insights and integrity and do believe that his intuitive skills will be of huge benefit to all that he has contact with in his professional capacity.

Stephen van Eck |

Senior Executive Manufacturing, Consol

When we embarked on a leadership transformation journey to ensure we develop a leadership culture that will take us from good to great we needed a partner that would appreciate our unique demands and that can deal with employees at all levels in the organisation. We needed consultants that could not only work with the development of such a journey, but consultants that could walk the journey with us. We wanted partners that could add value with group development, as well as individual development. We found that with BOLDCOM we had synergy in our thinking and today I know we made the best choice. Through this process we have managed to develop in leadership culture that is recognised by our peers across the globe as a true high performance culture that compares with the best in class.

Peter Meiring |

Group Training Manager Consol

I have had the privilege of collaborating with BOLDCOM over a number of years on a company-wide culture shift intervention which we have introduced. My personal growth and insights over this period attest to their pursuit in seeking out the truth, their deep insights into process and skill in translating and facilitating the abstract into understandable, actionable interventions. The success of this Initiative is, in large part, due to a dynamic partnership built with their Lead Simon Bold has built up with the management team responsible for implementation.